Strong relationships.
Wise counsel.
Transformational results.


At Transcend, we believe wealth is not just about money. It’s about having the resources to live a life of meaning.

We act as your “executive team,” taking on the details of your financial affairs so you can focus on what matters most in your life. We also work with other members of your family—facilitating meetings, acting as an information resource, and educating younger generations on how to manage their money.

Because we’re a boutique family office working with a small group of hand-selected clients, we give you highly personalized, hands-on service. Every decision is made based on your best interest with full transparency and no conflicts of interest, so you feel clear, empowered, and reassured your affairs are in the very best hands.

And we aim to simplify the wealth management process so you have more clarity about planning for your wealth. This gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re doing what’s best for your family and your community now—and for generations to come.



We’re strategic.
We’re proactive.
And we’re dedicated to helping you be a
good steward of your wealth.


Our Values



We build deep, meaningful connections with one another, our clients and our community. We invest in and respect the value of our relationships.


We are 100% responsible and accountable to one another and our clients.


We believe in being honest in both our words and our intentions. We’re transparent in our actions and genuine in our interactions.


We strive to create a positive change in the world, always challenging ourselves and one another to grow and be better.


We embrace creative solutions, even when they’re not the easiest ones, and we tenaciously work together to overcome any obstacle.

It is because of what you do for my family that we remain nimble and equipped to seek out the best opportunities and professional relationships.
— A.M.L.
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